Home Buyers Checklist 

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  1. Congratulations! You’ve removed subjects and provided a deposit to your realtor- you now have a ‘firm’ deal. What do you do while waiting for the Completion Day and Possession Day?

  2. First make sure you KNOW YOUR COMPLETION COSTS (link)

  3. Contact your Lawyer or Notary. It’s a good idea to make this appointment as soon as possible. You want to make sure your chosen legal is available for the Completion Day. You will typically notify your legal of the completion day and make an appointment to sign the papers 2-7 days before the Completion Date. I can forward all pertinent documents to your lawyer notary.

  4. Contact your Mortgage Broker. Also let your Mortgage Broker about the firm deal. They will need documents to forward to the lender.

  5. If you were renting, give notice to you Landlord. Book your move-out day with your building manager to ensure you have access to the elevator and have paid any move-out fees.

  6. Set up Home Insurance. This is a very important step that you’ll need to do before the Completion Date. It is often a subject to your mortgage. Your home insurance begins on the Completion Day. Using an insurance broker allows you to get quotes from several insurers. I can forward the necessary paperwork to get the quotes. Make sure your personal insurance is inline with the Strata with the Strata Insurance Policy and covers all the strata deductibles.

  7. Switch your BC Hydro. Go to the BC Hydro Website to make sure you have electricity and heat when you move in!

  8. Set up your utilities. Call your cable/phone/internet service providers well in advance because they can take awhile to get in. Sometimes these will need access to the maintenance room in your condo so you’ll need to arrange this with the building manager.

  9. Book your movers and cleaners. If you’re moving near the beginning/end of the month book these guys right away. Be aware of the time of your Possession so you’re not paying for movers when you don’t need them.

  10. Forward your address. Contact Canada Post so you don’t miss any mail!

  11. Contact your new strata. Typically you have 2 weeks from becoming the new owner to let the Strata Company know you are the new owner and register pets. This information will be available in the Rules and Bylaws section of your Strata Documents.

  12. Completion Day is the day when Money is transferred from Buyer to Seller and the Title is transferred from Seller to Buyer. The lender will send the money to the Seller’s lawyer. Once they acknowledge receipt of the funds, the title is transferred from the Seller’s name to your name and registered in at BC Land Titles. Once the sale is registered in the Land Title Office your are the official new owner. You will get notification from your lawyer along with a registration number.

  13. Possession Day. Your agent arranges ahead of time the key pick up with the Seller’s realtor. Then I will meet you at your new home on your Possession date and time and give you the keys to your new home! We will walk through the property together to make sure everything is as it should be. Congratulations!